Territory Rejects Change to Alcohol Controls and Refuses to Reinstate Banned Drinker Register

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The Federal Government and Opposition are making bi-partisan calls on the Territory Government to reinstate the Banned Drinker Register. The Queensland Government is reviewing alcohol management plans in the state which influenced Prime Minister Julia Gillard to urge them to exercise “extreme caution” in their review.

She also suggested that the Federal Government take action against any irresponsible changes to alcohol policies affecting indigenous communities. Gillard has also urged the Northern Territory Government to reinstate the Banned Drinker Register.

The Northern Territory government has however rejected the calls for the reinstatement of the Register claiming that it didn’t work in the first place and it will not be reinstated.

Jenny Macklin, the Indigenous Affairs Minister says while she is intervening in other areas to increase the regulation of alcohol in the Territory and she too believes the Register resulted in evidence of fewer anti-social incidents, but not everyone agrees with her.

Watch this video that explains the territory’s rejection of calls to change alcohol controls in the state:

Video http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-07/territory-rejects-calls-to-change-alcohol-controls/4507070?section=act


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