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A Victorian liquor licensing consultant has recently developed a new tool to assist hospitality and liquor businesses to document incidents more comprehensively for the records of the venue. Allowing venues and licensees to keep a record of incidents will aid in improving safety in venues and help licensees recognise any problematic factors that need attention in their venues in order to improve safety and protection of patrons and the general public.

The tool called the Licensed Venue Incident Report (LVIR) books has been described as “affordable” and will allow staff of licenced venues to report incidents that may occur in the venue, whether it be alcohol fuelled violence, theft, complaints about food or service etc. Incident report as an act has been endorsed by the Former Commissioner of Tasmania Police/Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Bill Horman.

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The creator, management and liquor licensing consultant, Cetin Must, said the LVIR product is affordable and effective for venues to implement, with the pack of books estimated to last each venue about a year to 18 months if used frequently.He said it provides a basis for informed and proactive decision-making, as well as the prevention of similar incidents in the future.

Once the LVIR books are ordered by the venue, a consultant will attend the venue to deliver a short training session to staff on their suggested use.We mock up scenarios of incidents that may occur relating to the licensed premises industry,” he told The Shout.

We gather staff to fill in sample report-sheets, conduct pre and post discussion sessions amongst attendees, with the intention of them becoming confident and possess the skills and knowledge to appropriately use the LVIR at their workplace.”

Former Commissioner of Tasmania Police/Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Bill Horman said he believes incident reporting is a forthcoming standard for all licensed venues in Victoria.

“The Licensed Venue Incident Report booklets were developed in consultation with venue managers, security and with contribution from a police perspective,” he said.For further information contact Cetin Must on [email protected].

The new tool is significant for workers in the alcohol service industry because it will aid them in enforcing responsible service of alcohol. Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) is a mandatory training course that all workers that are involved in the sale or service of alcohol must undergo in order to minimise alcohol fuelled problems. One of the greatest responsibilities of these staff members is to avoid serving alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons because this is the root of much of the social woes associated with alcohol. Serving unduly intoxicated patrons is one of the factors contributing to the spike in violence and one of the issues that servers have control over. By making sure you do not serve unduly intoxicated customers, you are doing your part in curbing this disturbing violent trend.This involves undergoing the appropriate Responsible Service of Alcohol training, a prerequisite under state law.


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