Underage Drinking a Growing Problem

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Many parents are contributing to the problem of underage drinking, a parliamentary enquiry in NSW revealed.

According to organisers of school formals in NSW, breathalyser testing revealed that many students were turning up drunk, some so drunk they couldn’t walk. Many of the students claimed their obtained the alcohol from their consenting parents. This claim is supported by the fact that parents of these drunk teens phoned the organisers to complain that their kids were denied entry.

Parents need to under the danger that alcohol is doing their children and the risks that it is placing them under. A campaign has been suggested that will educate parents about NSW underage drinking laws and the danger of supplying alcohol to minors.

Organizers claim teenagers are drinking up to 20 standard drinks in one session, well above the recommended 2 standard drinks for adults. The long term physical damage this is doing on their young, developing bodies is something parents should consider before allowing them to drink such large volumes.

Even those people selling alcohol to minors should beware because NSW authorities may soon implement sting operations to crack down on these law breakers. Government is likely to amend Liquor Act 2007 in order to deal with these issues.


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