Unruly Teens Climb Over Family’s Car in Brisbane

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If you ever questioned the severity of the alcohol fuelled misconduct in Brisbane an incident which took place in Brisbane’s North recently should provide some clarity.

During the incident a mother, father and their 2 very young daughters were forced to stop their moving vehicle when out-of-hand revellers climbed onto their car.

The family was apparently just driving past when the out of control partygoers climbed over the car during party celebrations in the lead up to Australia Day recently.

The incident took place along Narangba Road near the intersection with Anzac Avenue, it is believed the family was travelling south at the time when a group of around 150 young people forced the car to slow down eventually coming to a stop.

According to the family the revellers then climbed on top of their car and many of the pulled down their pants in a crude display while others began kicking the car, forcing the understandably shaken family to call the police.

The part-goers fled the scene but not before also managing to damage a police car as officers attempted to get them under control. It seems the drunken youth didn’t have any regard for police as they climbed onto the police car and started jumping on it. They also caused the rear window of the police car to be smashed.

It is believed that 4 young men were responsible for the party and they have been charged. The following excerpt from CourierMail.com.au explains further:

Four young men have been charged after the party of more than 150 people spiralled out of control.

The party on Australia Day’s eve resulted in two cars, including a  police car, being damaged as party-goers poured out onto Narangba Road in Kallangur.

A 16-year-old boy was charged with contravening a direction while an 18-year-old was charged with public nuisance and obstructing police.

A 17-year-old male and a 20-year-old male were both charged with public nuisance.

More people were arrested with further charges, including wilful damage, expected to be laid.

Source: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/teens-charged-with-obstruct-police-and-public-nuisance-after-150-people-pour-onto-streets-of-kallangur/story-fnihsrf2-1226810542311

It appears that young people are at the root of the problem when it comes to alcohol fuelled misconduct. A problem that is becoming increasingly entrenched in our culture is teen and underage binge drinking.

Although the incident above took place at a party, many underage youth are getting their hands on alcohol despite strict laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol to anyone under 18.

Under Responsible Service of Alcohol Legislature anyone who sells or serves alcohol in a licenced venue must ask for proof of age before providing someone with alcohol if that person looks young. Failure to abide by this law could result in serious consequences for you, your employer and the teenager involved. You and the venue you work at may receive hefty fines but the young people involved may suffer even greater consequences.

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