Violence Filled Weekend in Rockhampton gets Police Attention

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As we approach the Christmas and New Years time of year, police are issuing a warning to revellers in Rockhampton to behave!

Last weekend police embarked on a crackdown on alcohol related violence in Capricornia’s licenced venues as part of Operation Lima. The operation resulted in the arrests of 63 people on 83 different charges.

In Queensland, research data shows that young men between the ages of 15 and 25 are more likely to be assault victims and offenders than other demographics. It is important that we as custodians of Responsible Service of Alcohol are aware of this and are extra vigilant when serving alcohol to people who look within this age group and gender. Young men who look this young should be asked for their ID to prove that they are of legal drinking age and if they fail to comply with this request for whatever reason, they must be refused alcohol.

It is also of utmost importance that those who are over 18 and can legally buy alcohol must be served responsibly so if they demonstrate intoxication they should be refused further service of alcohol to avoid them becoming excessively drunk and posing a risk to themselves and others.

An article on explains more about the police’s warning and the motivation behind it:

Acting Detective Inspector Ben Carroll said the district operation was designed to reinforce the national Operation Unite, which occurs from November to December each year.

“It’s important that police reinforce with the community that alcohol-related problems cannot be tolerated,” he said.

“We know this time of year it gets a lot busier in the CBD area…we’ve allocated more police presence in those areas.”

Police are hoping the increased presence will help people make better judgement calls and prevent split-second decisions which could ruin lives.

Operation Lima Successful stretched across the Capricornia district, from Yeppoon to Springsure and Agnes Water.


Police have reiterated that alcohol fuelled violence is a serious issue that can lead to fatalities, severe emotional trauma for those involved or those witnessing incidents, imprisonment and a permanent criminal record which can affect a person’s future employment prospects and ability to travel internationally.

Alcohol fuelled violence in Queensland, similarly to other states is particularly bad in entertainment districts and on CBD streets, that is why police have concentrated their efforts there.

As we approach the festive season when more revellers descend upon these areas it is important that people are drinking and behaving responsibly or they could risk spending time in lock up.

Also people who are intoxicated in addition to being the perpetrators of alcohol fuelled violence and assaults are also easy targets because they are less aware of their surroundings and less protective of their own safety, this makes them an easy target for other drunken revellers looking to start fights, assault them or criminals looking to rob partygoers.

Licenced venues normally also increase the number of casual staff they employ during this time of year to accommodate influxes of patrons. It is important to ensure that these additional staff have completed Responsible Service of Alcohol training, to avoid serious legal implications and contributing to alcohol fuelled problems in the community.

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