Warning Bartenders: Don’t Serve Alcohol to These People

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Source : Gabriela Pinto

There are certain people that bartenders should know for sure must be refused alcohol. One such group is minors. People who are under the legal drinking age must not be served alcohol in any setting, not even at a party. Bartenders should ask for an ID if someone looks under the age of 25, it is the law.

The second type of person that must be refused alcohol is unduly intoxicated patrons. How you recognise these patrons can be tricky because often alcohol make people act in the opposite to their normal personality. Now these patrons may all be strangers and it may be difficult to keep track on whose acting strange and who is overly intoxicated.

People who are intoxicated have difficulty walking straight or speaking without slurred speech. However there are some people who are very tolerant to alcohol that do not show signs of intoxication as easily.  In this case a server should consider how much they have had to drink in proportion to their size and gender. The smaller in size they are the less it takes for them to become intoxicated and men are more tolerant to alcohol than women.


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