Yet Another Celebrity Caught for Public Intoxication

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Most celebrities are still setting the worst example when it comes to responsible drinking and sobriety. The latest celeb to be in the news for bad drinking decisions is Melbourne AFL star Liam Jurrah who was picked up for drink driving in Adelaide recently.

The ex-Port Adelaide Football Club star was detained by police after a breathalyser revealed that he was over the limit on Monday. Jurrah was driving under the influence of alcohol and exceeded the prescribed level of alcohol which resulted in his licence being disqualified for a year. He will have to appear in court at a later date.

Another celebrity who was also arrested for alcohol related charges and was detained by police for public intoxication was Josh Brolin. The actor was arrested on New Year’s Day and had to spend 6 hours in jail, not a good way to start the new year.

Why exactly celebrities such as Jurrah, Brolin and Lindsay Lohan seem to demonstrate such irresponsible drinking behaviour even while living in the public eye is unknown but what is for sure is that people should not look at them as role models, especially for life style choices and drinking behaviour.

Drinking in excess is not only bad for your immediate and long term health but it also places you in vulnerable situations which often find you on the wrong side of the law, as these celebs found out.

If the recent death of Amy Winehouse has taught us anything it is that alcohol abuse is not safe or cool, it is in fact deadly. Alcohol should only be consumed in moderation and RSA staff should ensure this is enforced to the best of their ability in the licenced venues where they work.

Read this post which details Josh Brolin’s New Year’s day debacle:

brolinemug-3_4_r536_c534Josh Brolin didn’t shy away from addressing his New Year’s Day arrest for public intoxication.

“So, I gotta ask, what happened on New Year’s Day?” said George Stephanopoulos to Josh Brolin on Good Morning America today.

“New Year’s,” replied a jovial Brolin, not shying away from addressing his Santa Monica arrest for misdemeanor public intoxication, which led to a six-hour jail stay. “That’s what happened.”

He added, “I’m the one guy who’s out there and they go, ‘Hey, that’s Josh. Let’s grab him.’ It was New Year’s. It was a pretty innocent thing. It was a fun thing.” And, he says, “They were actually very sweet to me.”

He just wishes the police department had handed out a different mug shot. “The most awful thing about it you see this shot of me like this and they don’t show you the other shot when I turn and have a huge smile on my face. … Whatever.”

Brolin, who plays a police officer in his new film, Gangster Squad, went on to chat about his early career. “I wanted to be a lawyer and realized it was the same thing” as his chosen profession. He explained, “I wanted to get into criminal law of all things. … It’s acting. The odds were worse but I wanted to go for this one.”



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