Is there a difference between Face-to-Face and Online training?

The L&GNSW has provided strict guidelines relating to the Online Education Course content in order for it to match the content of the face-to-face course and result in the SITHFAB002 unit of Competency.

The difference is that the Online Education course is more convenient and allows you to complete it at your own pace. You can avoid the hassle and cost involved with face-to-face training by completing the course from your office or home, whenever you have free time, no need to take time off work. The Online Education RSA course also allows you to complete the training over chunks of time or in a single sitting, whichever is convenient for you and allows you to go back into the course at any stage to recap previous topics.

Is the Course Mandatory?

In NSW it is mandatory for all workers who are involved in the supply and sale of alcohol to obtain an RSA certificate. The requirements differ from state to state however in general RSA training is mandatory for:

  • licensees;
  • managers;
  • staff, including promotional staff, involved in the sale, supply and service of alcohol;
  • volunteers, including club directors, who have liquor service responsibilities and
  • security officers
  • Even airlines are hiring cabin crew who have completed the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course.
Which Training Providers can offer RSA Training?

In NSW, RSA training must be undertaken by one of the select few training providers approved by the L&GNSW. The L&GNSW has provided these Registered Training Providers with strict guidelines to adhere to, relating to the course content and ID verification requirements. On completion of the Online Education course, trainees will be issued with an approved certificate on behalf of the Authority.

What do I need to complete the Online Education RSA course?
  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • Speakers or headphones, as some of the content is presented in audio format.
  • A telephone to complete the verbal assessment
Does the course work on all computer types?

Although Windows is the recommended Operating System, it would work on a Mac and Linux. Mac does sometimes experience issues with Flash not being able to render.

Is there a specific type of internet connection required?

Broadband/Cable Internet is required. 3G Wireless, including the ones having USB Wireless Modems, are NOT recommended, neither is dial-up as it is not suitable.

What web browsers are supported by the course program?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended. If available Firefox is the preferred choice but either of them should have JavaScript enabled and Adobe Flash Plugin installed.

Also all Pop-Up Blockers should be turned off. Some Clients have Add-ons installed in their browsers like Norton Bar, Search Bar etc. which also have built-in pop-up blockers.

Your computer/browser probably already meets all of these requirements however if not, the good news is that we have a support team available to you if you need any help.

Where can the browser plugins be downloaded?

The following plugins and software are free.

Mozilla Firefox – our preferred internet browsers.

Adobe Acrobat Reader – used to view/print your certificate.

Does the online RSA have GST?

No. This course does not have GST because it is work related training.

Once I have completed the RSA Online Learning course, how do I get my RSA certificate?

Once a trainee has successfully completed the course and assessments, they will need to upload ID Documents through their student account. On receipt of identification documents, students’ details will be entered into the Department of Liquor and Gaming NSW database and an Interim Certificate will be emailed to the student (within 1-2 business days).

Once the trainee has received the interim certificate they make an appointment with a Service NSW Service Centre, to go in and have their photo ID verified, and get a Photo Competency Card issued by Service NSW Service Centre.

I have lost my certificate / Login details, what do I do?

You can log back in online to our student management system and print or email your certificates any time you need to (provided they are still valid) Please contact us via phone, email, or live chat if you are having any difficulties logging in. Please check your receipt to confirm that you did the course through us. We can only help if you have registered with us.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course can be completed in one sitting or over a period of time, it’s up to you. Normally allow 5-6 Hours for completion but because the course is self-paced you can take as long as you like. You can complete some of the course now and come back later to complete the rest, its really up to you how fast you complete the program.

This course complies with all National and State requirements.

What do I do if I cannot locate my registration email?

Some email programs direct these kinds of emails to the “junk mail” folder, so check here first. If you still cannot locate it send an email to our support and they will assist you. Also our website provides a “Forgotten Password” function which after answering your chosen questions will email you back your registration email.

I am outside of Australia and wish to come to Oz on a working holiday, can I complete the online RSA course?

Yes you can. However first check the laws which apply to the state you will be visiting as each State/Territory has their own requirements. The certificate is not valid outside of Australia.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have access to the system to complete the course for 3 months from when you make payment.

What do I do if I fail the course?

The good news is that you can continue to take the assessments until you pass, at no additional costs. You will only be able to proceed to the next assessment once the previous one has been passed.

How can I make payment for the training?

You can pay via credit or visa debit card.

Alternatively we can send you an EFT form, or you can send us a money order (we accept no responsibility for money orders that are lost in the post). In both of these cases it can take 3-5 days to gain access to the course.

Can I get a Tax deduction?

Please contact your accountant for information on this.

Still have more questions?

Then visit the Contact Us page. We are here to answer any further questions you may have or to get you started.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Beginning in 2015 if you are undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) you will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI gives you access to your online USI account which will contain all your nationally recognised training records and results from 1 January 2015 onwards.

If you don’t already have your USI number this can be created easily through the profile section of your account. For more information regarding the USI please visit

Can I do this course to renew or extend my current RSA NSW Competency Card?

After successfully completing the Urban e-Learning RSA NSW Online or correspondence course, you will be issued with an interim certificate from Liquor & Gaming which can only be used to obtain a new competency card, it cannot be used to renew your current or recently expired card. If you wish to renew or extend your current or recently expired competency card, please contact Liquor & Gaming.

Competency cards that have been expired for more than 28 days cannot be renewed, in this instance you are required to complete a whole new RSA course. The Urban E-Learning RSA NSW online course is suitable in this case and will result in a certificate that can be used to obtain a new competency card.

If you have completed an RSA NSW course within the last 5 years and wish to obtain a competency card, you must take your interim certificate from that original course to a Service NSW Centre as they will match it against their database (the certificate must be dated from when you did the original course, but it may be a copy or re-issued certificate if you have lost the original).

If you complete a second course within a 5-year period, the second course will be invalid; Liquor & Gaming will not issue a competency card with an interim certificate from the second course. If you cannot contact the original training provider or are unable to locate your original interim certificate, please contact Liquor & Gaming on 1300 024 720 (Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm) for further information.

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